How to Run Successful and Spiritual Business

This article will be probably very much different from other business-focused publications, but maybe the most important that you will ever read. All depends on how you will take and carry these few short paragraphs that I am just about to write.

Through my 5 years thirsty hunting for any information about how successful people become successful and what is it that the all have in common. And the reason why I did it is probably the most profound, just wanted to be successful too. And the number one thing that they have in common is that they wanted that so much that they were almost certain that they already have it, and there wasn’t any other way around, the success is inevitable.

So, the Certainty.

Also, most of them were very spiritual persons, some of them regularly meditate every day. It’s also about the mindset and the way of thinking. Those people were thinking like they already had what they wanted, the law of attraction.

The success in any business goes by the rule 80/20, if you ever heard about that. It means that 80% of it is mindset and only 20% strategy. So it seems to me that as businessmen we should be getting more spiritual and study the spiritual science to understand. More and more businessmen and coaches all around the planet did realize this already and they are starting implementing the spiritual education, how it falls into the business and life.

Last year, I took one of the courses, which was about to activate my magnetic light body and awaken my heart through meditations and certain exercises. It absolutely opened my eyes and once I could see the world clearly again. The workshop was created by the guy named Drunvalo Melchizedek, and he also wrote a couple of books that also helped me so much understand on this subject.

Books by Drunvalo Melchizedek

I strongly encourage everyone who is looking for something in life and don’t know what it is, read his books and then find the workshop called ATIH.

flower of life

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